The Best Gratitude Journaling Hack


This super simple gratitude journal technique has had a massive impact on my life and most recently, it’s been a total gamechanger for my business.

For starters, practicing gratitude has always been a fun and important part of my morning ritual - I begin by simply closing my eyes for a moment and tuning into who and what I feel thankful for, the things and people I love most and I focus on what’s going really well in life and business. I’ll quickly jot down a few of the first things that come to my mind and then allow myself to feel allllll the good feelings of focusing on that list. Doing this alone, is incredibly POWERFUL!

NOW, here’s where the Gratitude Journal Hack comes in...

A few months ago, I started to include 2 to 3 things on my daily gratitude list that I really want but haven’t happened yet. The results of this have been absolutely MIND BLOWING!

For example, at the beginning of July I wrote gratitude statements like...

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