What Are You Meant To Be Welcoming Into Your Soul Right Now?

meditation Mar 01, 2021

"What am I meant to be welcoming into my soul right now?"

This beautiful question was recently asked by one of my coaching clients.

It's a question that I love, one that I find incredibly inspiring and it's one that I cannot answer. The answer to a question like this can only come from within.

What I CAN do is provide tools, resources and guidance to help you discover your answer, your TRUTH.

This question inspired me to create a recording of the Soul Voice Meditation from Mary Magdalene Revealed by Meggan Watterson. Mary Magdalene Revealed is a MUST read!

Get your copy here. 

Listen to my recording of Discover Your Soul Voice HERE.

Meditation is a POWERFUL part of my daily ritual. I often begin my mornings with a short meditation and it pops up in my life in other ways too. If I'm focusing on manifesting something specific, I will often choose a mediation specifically directed to that topic.

This Soul Voice meditation is perfect for those moments when I'm trying to figure...

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