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LIVE: December 4th-9th

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HOLY SHIFT! is for you if...


You Know You're Meant for More

You're reallyyyy good at what you do, you're grateful and proud of how far you've come and what you've created in your life and business but you know that there's SO much more possible for and available to you.

You feel like you've gone as far as you can go on your own yet when it comes to impact and results, you feel like you're just getting started and you know you're meant for SO MUCH MORE. As empowering as this can be, you find it frustrating because...

You're ready for more NOW!


You Believe in Yourself but Struggle with the "HOW"

You're not just a Dreamer, you're also a DO-er. There are moments when you doubt, second guess yourself and waver BUT when you slow down, close your eyes and tune into the truth of your heart...

You know you were born for this!

Given the chance, you'd bet on YOU a million times over. You KNOW you can do this, you know what you're capable of yet you're in a season of trying to figure out "HOW."


You're Ready to Go From Stuck to Unstoppable

You know what you're capable of... The IMPACT, the INCOME, the LEGACY aaand you're ready to let go of any and everything that's been keeping from creating and experiencing what's meant for YOU.

You know it's time to say "Goodbye!" to the old, limiting beliefs, stories and patterns so that you can...

Step into your POWER and OWN IT!

Own your gifts, your magic and your brilliance.

HOLY SHIFT! Guest Experts...

Ashley Beeman

Ashley is a Life and Wellness Coach for Content Creators - Her primary mission is to empower women to ignite self-confidence, fuel consistency, and ignite engaging content creation.

Dec 4th - 11am PT

Lauren Armstrong

Lauren is a Human Design for Business Guide, trauma-informed and Certified Practitioner of N.L.P., Time Techniques, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Retreat Leader and Speaker.

Dec 4th - 11am PT 

Jen Casey

Jen is a Brain-Based Business Coach, Energy Healer, Speaker, host of the top-ranking CEO Psyche® Podcast, & Coach Trainer of the Psyche Coaching Certification.

Dec 5th - 11am PT

Goddess Brittney King

Goddess Brittney is a pleasure priestess, sacred ritual leader, certified NLP practioner and certified prosperity energy healer.

Dec 5th - 1pm PT 

Erin Porter

Erin is a Business Energetics Coach, bestselling author, Founder of the Quantum Ripple Effect Coaching Certification and host of The Energetics of Business Podcast. 

Dec 6th - 11am PT

Jolie Dawn

Jolie is an Intuitive Business Coach specializing in 6-figure biz creation with spiritual entrepreneurs, writer for Entrepreneur Magazine and a 6x Amazon bestselling author. 

Dec 6th - 1pm PT

Rebecca Cafiero

Rebecca is a Business and PR Strategist, TEDx Speaker, top ranked podcast host and 2x bestselling author.

Dec 6th - 3pm PT

Danielle Mercurio

Danielle is an executive coach, intuitive advisor, retreat facilitator and motivational speaker.

Dec 7th - 1pm PT   

Kelsey Kerslake

Kelsey is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, podcast host and CEO at The Aligned Business®.

Dec 8th - 11am PT 


Our HOLY SHIFT! Experts have been feature in...

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Because, let’s face it… YOU DESERVE IT!

You deserve to live a life you love, to wake up everyday feeling inspired and excited, to make money doing work that totally lights you up!

I have over 10 years of experience in high-level business management, leadership and I have coached and led workshops for hundreds of women all over the world.

If YOU have the desire to take your life and business to the NEXT LEVEL I want you to know that YOU CAN and I can help show you how. If you’re ready (which I know you are!)... Let’s do this!